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Space Helmet for a Cow officially on sale…

Mad Norwegian’s grand overview of the production of Doctor Who — the wry Space Helmet for a Cow: The Mad True Story of Doctor Who (1963-1989) by Paul Kirkley —is on sale today via Kindle and all retail outlets.

Companion Piece Table of Contents released

Mad Norwegian Press has released the full Table of Contents for the forthcoming essay book Companion Piece: Women Celebrate the Humans, Aliens and Tin Dogs of Doctor Who. The book is officially on sale April 7, but advance copies are expected to be available at the Alien Entertainment table at Gallifrey 2015. Pre-orders are being taken for the print version (retail price: $19.95) with all major book retailers, plus in ebook form ($9.95) on Kindle and Kobo.

The full Table of Contents is as follows:

• The Impossible Girls by Deborah Stanish
• That Nitro-9 You’re Not Carrying: Violence and the Companion by Seanan McGuire
• Scheherazade and Galahad in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks by Mags L. Halliday
• Steven Taylor, Space Adventurer! by L.M. Myles
• Scintillating, Fascinating, Irritating by Liz Barr
• I Don’t Want Her to Go by Amy Gaertner
• “What a Splendid-Looking Roman You Make!”: The Male Companions, from Ian to Rory by Emma Nichols
• A Different Way of Living by Julia duMais
• We, Robots by Erika Ensign
• The Damned Don’t Cry by Sarah Groenewegen
• Stories and Fairytales: Feminism, Agency and Narrative Control with the Pond Family Women by Karen K. Burrows
• The Shakespeare Race Code by Amanda-Rae Prescott
• “I Can Do Your Part If You Can Do Mine”: Romana II as the Girl Doctor by Gwynne Garfinkle
• Mouth on Legs by Tehani Wessely
• From “There’s Nothing Only About Being a Girl” to “The Most Important Woman in the Whole of Creation”: Feminism and the Female Companions by Linnea Dodson
• Where in Eternity… is Josephine Grant Jones? by Joan Frances Turner
• Forever Playing Second Fiddle: How Sarah Jane and the Rest of Us are being Sold Short by Nina Allan
• The Barbara Strain by Lynne M. Thomas
• The Curious Case of Miss Victoria Waterfield by Jennifer Adams Kelley
• “Where Do I Fit In?”: The Tale of Perpugilliam Brown by Stephanie Lai
• My Doctor: Harry Sullivan by Sarah McDermott
• Donna: Noble by Name and Noble by Nature by Karen Miller
• Rewriting History with Sticky Notes: Narrative, Agency and Bernice Summerfield by Emma Ward
• Scientists, Not Office Boys: Zoe and Liz, Science-Heroes by Anna Livingston
• The Uses of Turlough by Anne Goldsmith
• Amy‘s Choice: Doctor Who Companions and the Nightmare of Domesticity by Una McCormack
• The Ones He Leaves Behind by Foz Meadows
• Science Princess FTW by Mary Robinette Kowal
• Origin Story by Aneira Vaughn
• What Has Romana Ever Done For Us? by Phoebe Taylor
• The Heroine of Her Own Story by Britany Harrison and Liz Barr
• Sara Kingdom Dies at the End by Tansy Rayner Roberts
• A Question of Emphasis: The Doctor as Companion by Amal El-Mohtar

Ahistory 2012-2013 Update now on sale

Mad Norwegian Press is pleased to announce the release of a digital-only AHistory 2012-2013 update, which expands upon and compliments the work of Ahistory Third Edition. The update incorporates nearly 300 new Doctor Who-related stories into a timeline stretching from the very beginning of the universe to the end of time, and includes such works as Series 7 starring Matt Smith, all relevant New Series Adventures, Big Finish audios, IDW and Doctor Who Magazine comics, Torchwood tie-in works, and so much more.

The 2012-2013 update is currently available for purchase on Kindle for $9.95, and will in future be available on Nook, Kobo and iTunes.

Companion Piece (new “Chicks Dig” Doctor Who book) slated for April 7, 2015

Mad Norwegian Press is proud to announce the forthcoming publication of the essay collection Companion Piece — a sister publication to the Hugo Award-winning Chicks Dig Time Lords, the Hugo-nominated Chicks Dig Comics, and more.

The book is edited by L.M. Myles (Chicks Unravel Time) and Liz Barr, and features about 30 essays by female writers. Contributors include Nina Allan (“Angelus”), Amal El-Mohtar (The Honey Month), Mary Robinette Kowal (Shades of Milk and Honey), Seanan McGuire (Rosemary and Rue), Karen Miller (The Innocent Mage), Tansy Rayner Roberts (Ink Black Magic), Deborah Stanish (Chicks Unravel Time), Lynne Thomas (Chicks Dig Time Lords), Joan Francis Turner (Dust), and Tehani Wessely (FableCroft Publishing) and more.

Companion Piece (ISBN: 978193523197) will be published on April 7th, 2015, and retail (print version) for $19.95. The book will also be available as an ebook on Kindle, Nook, Kobo and iBooks on the day of release.

Full Chicks Dig Gaming Table of Contents released

Mad Norwegian Press has released the full Table of Contents for Chicks Dig Gaming, the forthcoming essay book on sale November 11th. The book features contributions by 35 female authors on  topics ranging from hardcore game analysis to personal anecdotes — from a celebration of world traveler Nellie Bly and the board game she inspired to the art of corporate spying and murder in Eve Online, and much, much more.

• Thank You, Mario, but Our Princess is in Another Castle, by Catherynne M. Valente
• ’Round the World With Nellie Bly, by Rosemary Jones
• Select Hero or Heroine, by Dawn Foran
• How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Numbers: a Girl, a Rulebook and Arithmetic, by Seanan McGuire
• Look Behind You! A Three-Headed Monkey!, by L.M. Myles
• So You Want to Start a Fight, by Dorothy Ail
• Who in the Hell is Carmen Sandiego?, by Teresa Jusino
• An Interview with Lisa Stevens
• Intuition, Gaming and the Laboratory Scientist, by Kelly Swails
• Saving the Galaxy in Cute Shoes, by Zoe Estrin-Grele
• The Silence of the Games, by Sarah Groenewegen
• Raising Gamers, by Filamena Young
• Game Change, by Linnea Dodson
• The Evolution of a LARPer in Three Acts, by Johanna Mead
• Black Windows, by E. Lily Yu
• Another Puzzle Solved? Professor Layton and the Passive Princess, by Mags L. Halliday
• An Axe Up My Sleeve, by Cheryl Twist
• A Chick Who Doesn’t Dig Games Plays “Portal,” by Fiona Moore
• An Interview with Margaret Weis
• How to Design Games for Boys, by Lynnea Glasser
• The Grace of Dice and Glossy Cardstock, by Lucy A. Snyder
• THAC0 of a Gamer Girl, by Jaleigh Johnson
• Let Us Play, by Lene Taylor
• The Hero in My Story, by Caitlin Sullivan
• When the Stars are Right, by Wendy N. Wagner
• A Vicarious Tale of Getting into Video Games for the Plot, by Hannah Rothman
• We Play to Lose, by Emily Care Boss
• It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere, by Amy Hanson
• Saving Throws, by Jody Lynn Nye
• Go for the Eyes, Gamer Girls, Go for the Eyes!, by Sam Maggs
• Looking for Group, by G. Willow Wilson
• Refuge, by Mary Anne Mohanraj
• Leopards at the Wedding: Finding Love in a Glitchy Landscape, by Miriam Oudin
• Blood on the Hull: Gender, Dominion and the Business of Betrayal in “Eve,” by Jen J. Dixon
• Castling, by Racheline Maltese

Chicks Dig Gaming slated for November release

Mad Norwegian Press is proud to announce the forthcoming publication of Chicks Dig Gaming, the newest installment in its Hugo Award-winning range of essay collections on women and various kinds of fandom.

In this book, editors Jennifer Brozek (Apocalypse Ink Productions), Robert Smith? (Who is the Doctor?) and Lars Pearson (editor-in-chief, the Chicks Dig series) bring together essays by nearly three dozen female writers to celebrate the gaming medium and its creators, and to examine the characters and series that they love.

Catherynne M. Valente (The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland, Indistinguishable from Magic) examines Super Mario Bros. through the lens of Samsara, the Wheel of Birth and Rebirth; Seanan McGuire (the October Daye series) details how gaming taught her math; G. Willow Wilson (Alif the Unseen) comes to terms with World of Warcraft; and Rosemary Jones (Forgotten Realms) celebrates world traveler Nellie Bly and the board game she inspired.

Other contributors include Emily Care Boss (Gaming as Women), Jen J. Dixon (The Walking Eye), Racheline Maltese (The Book of Harry Potter Trifles), Mary Anne Mohanraj (Bodies in Motion), L.M. Myles (Chicks Unravel Time), Jody Lynn Nye (the MythAdventures series), and E. Lily Yu (“The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees”). Also featured: exclusive interviews with Paizo CEO Lisa Stevens and Dragonlance author Margaret Weis.

Chicks Dig Gaming will be published on November 11, 2014, with a retail price (print version) of $14.95. The book will also be available as an ebook on Kindle, Nook and iBooks on the day of release.

Space Helmet for a Cow: The Mad, True Story of Doctor Who slated for December release

Mad Norwegian Press is proud to announce the forthcoming release of Space Helmet for a Cow, a grand opus that provides a sweeping, wry and warm look at the behind-the-scenes story of Doctor Who – not just the greatest TV show ever made, but frequently the most insane TV show ever made. Which other program, for example, would attempt to sink Atlantis, wage inter-planetary war and crash Concorde – all in BBC Television Centre, on a budget that would barely cover a sitcom?

This is the story of how, over 50 years, a bunch of very clever, very dedicated and sometimes plain crazy people made Doctor Who happen, often against seemingly insuperable odds; a story of triumph and tragedy, tears and tantrums, and an awful lot of men called Donald.

This book also answers the burning questions few have dared tackle before. Questions like: How does a talking cabbage get an Equity card? What would have been in William Hartnell’s Glastonbury set? And if you meet a Yeti coming out of a loo in Tooting Bec, how long should you give it?

Space Helmet for a Cow will be published on December 9, 2014, with a retail price (print version) of $14.95. The book will also be available as an ebook on Kindle, Nook and iBooks on the day of release.

Volume 2 of Space Helmet for a Cow, covering the behind-the-scenes story of Doctor Who from 1990 to the end of Matt Smith’s tenure, will see release in 2015.

Cat Valente’s Indistinguishable from Magic on sale today

Indistinguishable from Magic, a collection of more than 60 essays by Catherynne M. Valente (The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland…), is officially on sale today. The Kindle version is available for purchase, and the Nook and iBookstore versions will swiftly follow.

Queers Dig Time Lords nominated for 2014 Hugo Award

Queers Dig Time Lords: A Celebration of Doctor Who by the LGBTQ Fans Who Love It, an essay collection about all things non-hetero and Doctor Who, has been nominated for a 2014 Hugo Award in the category of Best Related Work. The winners will be announced at WorldCon in London in August.

Queers Dig Time Lords was edited by Sigrid Ellis and Michael Damian Thomas, with a cover by Colleen Coover and an introduction by John Barrowman and Carole E. Barrowman. Contributors included Tanya Huff, Paul Magrs, Melissa Scott, Gary Russell, David Llewellyn, Rachel Swirsky, Hal Duncan, Amal El-Mohtar, Brit Mandelo, Mary Anne Mohanraj, and Jed Hartman.

Catherynne M. Valente’s Indistinguishable from Magic slated for May

Mad Norwegian Press is proud to announce the forthcoming publication of Indistinguishable from Magic — an essay collection by renowned author Catherynne M. Valente (The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making, Palimpest, Deathless).

Brought together in print for the first time, these essays provide Valente’s observations and insights about fairy tales and myths, pop culture, gender and race issues, an amateur’s life on planet Earth and much more. All told, this collection sheds light upon Valente both as a person and as a writer, making this a must-read for readers seeking further insight into her beliefs and work.

Indistinguishable from Magic will be published on May 6 2014, with a retail price (print version) of $14.95. The book will also be available as an ebook on Kindle, Nook and iBooks on the day of release.