About Time 2: The Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who (Seasons 4 to 6)

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In About Time, the whole of classic Doctor Who is examined through the lens of the real-world social and political changes — as well as ongoing developments in television production — that influenced the series in ways big and small over the course of a generation. Armed with these guidebooks, readers will be able to cast their minds back to 1975, 1982 and other years to best appreciate the series’ content and character.

Volume 2 of this series covers Seasons 4 to 6 of Doctor Who, focusing on the very end of the William Hartnell era and the whole of the Patrick Troughton era of Doctor Who in mind-bending detail. In addition to the usual concerns such as the TV show’s continuity (alien races, the Doctor’s abilities, etc.) and lore (anecdotal, “Did You Know?”-style material), authors Lawrence Miles and Tat Wood will examine each Troughton story in the context of the year/historical period it was produced, determining just how topical the stories were.

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Essays in this volume include:

  • “What Are the Dodgiest Accents in the Series?”
  • “What’s the Cyberman Timeline?”
  • “What Do Daleks Eat?”
  • “Why Was a McCrimmon Fighting for the Pretender?”
  • “How Many Atlantises Are There?”
  • “Whatever Happened to the USA?”
  • “How Do They Do Those Titles?”
  • “How Do You Set a Trap For Someone Who Doesn’t Know Where He’s Going?”
  • “Why is That Portrait in Maxtible’s Parlour?”
  • “Did Sergeant Pepper Know the Doctor?”
  • “How Buddhist is This Series?”
  • “Cultural Primer: Why the Radio Times?”
  • “What’s the Timeline of the Twenty-First Century?”
  • “Is the Yeti-in-a-Loo Theory the Worst Idea Ever?”
  • “Does the TARDIS Fly?”
  • “What Planet Was David Whitaker On?”
  • “When Did the Doctor Get His Second Heart?”
  • “Who Was the Master of the Land of Fiction?”
  • “Whatever Happened to Planet 14?”
  • “Does Plot Matter?”
  • “Is Doctor Who Camp?”
  • “Was There Any Hanky-Panky in the TARDIS?”
  • “Did Doctor Who End in 1969?”
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