Unhistory (digital Ahistory supplement) out today!

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Mad Norwegian Press is pleased to announce the release of the digital-only Unhistory: Apocryphal Stories Too Strange for Even Ahistory: An Unauthorized History of the Doctor Who Universe. The book is currently available on Kindle, and will soon appear on Nook, Kobo and iTunes.

This supplement is a cornucopia of nearly 500 Doctor Who-related stories that have been deemed apocrypha, so represent some bizarre (but so often delightful) side-deviation from the Whoniverse. Highlights include the pre-Doctor Who Magazine comics (1964-1979); the 1960s and 1970s Dalek-related books; the World Distributors Doctor Who annuals and more.

Also included: new essays on topics including the Daleks’ static electricity phase, the Doctor’s cottage years, and how there’s something quite different about the Doctor portrayed by a much-older Tom Baker.

At this time, there are no plans to fold the stories in this supplement into future print or digital versions of Ahistory.