Correction to DemiCon bio by Lars Pearson

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As requested, I have asked DemiCon to correct my Guest of Honor bio to read that I was Editor-in-Chief of the Chicks Dig… series. I apologize that the original wording caused some concern and offense.

I am both the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief at Mad Norwegian, a small press with a handful of staff. A large part of what I do would come under the banner of “editor” at a larger publisher.

That said, I did not intend to take credit away from any of the hard-working, diligent editors and contributors I’ve worked with over the years. I take great pride in the Hugo nominations Mad Norwegian books have garnered over the years, and particularly that editors Lynne M. Thomas and Tara O’Shea won for Chicks Dig Time Lords. The work was theirs, the credit is theirs (and those who contributed articles), that’s what it says in the book itself, and I never intended to imply otherwise. I’ll do what I can to correct the record.

I would ask people to look at our titles, look at how Chicks Dig Time Lords was singled out by the Sad Puppies as part of their crusade against Social Justice Warriors in science fiction, and I hope you’ll acknowledge that Mad Norwegian is, on the whole, on the side of the angels.