Faction Paradox: This Town Will Never Let Us Go

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Faction Paradox: A group of time-travelling ritualists, saboteurs and subterfugers — essentially, the criminal-cult to end all criminal-cults. The Faction seeks to subvert history to its own ends, preferably by letting its rivals kill each other off, then swooping in to seize whatever’s left — presuming the Universe survives…
An examination of ritual and suburban horror, This Town Will Never Let Us Go features the 19-year-old Inangela, a city-dweller who’s under observation by Faction Paradox’s elders and archons. Before this story’s done, Inangela’s going to encounter the Great Urban Horror–an unidentified force seeking to tunnel its way out of the ground and feed on the surface world.

NOTE: This book is not for sale on the Mad Norwegian website.

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