Ahistory Table of Contents, Introduction now available

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Ahistory Third Edition cover
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Mad Norwegian Press has released the Table of Contents (sans page numbers) to the forthcoming Ahistory: An Unauthorised History of the Doctor Who Universe (Third Edition) as a downloadable PDF. The Table of Contents is 21 pages long, and lists every story with a main entry on the book’s timeline.

The PDF also contains Ahistory’s Introduction, which explains the book’s methodology and the parameters set concerning which Doctor Who-related stories were included. The Table of Contents and Introduction can be downloaded here.

Ahistory is currently at the printer and on target for its mid-November release. The book incorporates about 1400 Who-related stories into a single timeline; is 784 oversized pages; and is more than 619,000 words (Table of Contents and Index not included). It is very likely the biggest single-volume text on Doctor Who ever written.